D2 Talks interview with Dusan Vukcevic of Vudumotion.

D2 Talks #1: Dušan Vukčevič of Vudumotion

Another week, another talk; this time with the one and only Dušan Vukčevič of Vudumotion. I met with Dušan in Vienna shortly before the D2 and I was so excited to have him as a speaker. A super easy going talented artist and very clever guy, I could not wait for him to share his story with the D2 family. Anyway, enough of me blahbling (blahbling? …I make up words) Enjoy this fantastic talk!

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This takes me back to the Wiener Metropol this summer! Such nice weather, and even nicer company! 🙂

Definitely, Adam. Glad that you were there and had a good time! In 2018, we will try to top it. 😀