D2 Talks #0: Justin Bourn of Blank Canvas Studios

Beloved D2ers (if that is a thing lol) Quite a bit of time has passed since you have last heard from us. The reason is that we have been hard at work, restructuring a bit the way we do things and discussing future developments regarding this amazing event. 2017 has been a very good year for us, we have grown to be the biggest conference in the field of ArchViz and digital design and we have spent the last 3 months planning and envisioning how the future of this event will look like. We have also worked on a series of talks, among other things, that we will publish regularly on this blog, so make sure you bookmark this. 😉 We also plan to release a podcast version of these talks, so stay tuned for that as well. If you are interested in being featured in one of these videos, do get in touch, we will be happy to talk to you.

This week we had the chance to talk to Justin Bourn of Blank Canvas Studios in Perth Australia. Justin and I met in Vienna at the d2 Conference at the end of August, he built an ArchViz company that went from 0(ZERO) to 1.5 million in yearly revenue in just 3 years. He is a fun guy to talk to and his attitude is just spot on. Enough of chit chat: Enjoy this video!

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Michael Secrist

Great talk! I enjoyed this piece with Justin Bourn. It puts things in perspective on what possibilities are out there. I follow a lot of what Blank Canvas does because of style and technique. I’m stuck between being an artist and running a business. I love doing the artwork but I also want to grow the business so it is a challenge at this point. I have hired consultants because I don’t bring quite enough business to hire out right and create a studio, so kind of stuck.

Another thing is how you can create great artistry in your work and I have clients that only want to mediocre rendering. How do you get the clients to agree with the more dramatic scenes versus the boring stuff? Thanks for your time!

Mike Secrist
F13 Design Studio, LLC
CEO/Visualization Director

Hi Michael, thanks for the comment! I think the best strategy is to keep on working until you become a master. At one point the client will just realize that what you do is always better than his or her own vision. Also let’s not forget that what we make for a client might not reflect 100% our intentions, this is just a fact and we have to live with it 😉