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The D2 Blog – Some words about Archviz and beyond.

The D2 Blog – Some words about Archviz and beyond.

“We really should have a blog.”

October 2014. Mark it down, because that is how long it took to actually get this thing off the ground. Not because we are lazy, or unsure of ourselves, or even because we over-analyze things. Mainly, it was because we were busy. Busy with work, busy with life, and busy doing our best to make the d2 Conference better. Not just better for us, but better for the 3d community. My favorite thing about the d2 is looking out across the courtyard during breaks and seeing all those faces. It gets me every time, and it is a huge motivation to keep making this thing better and better.

So why blog? Well, the d2 might be just once a year, but our minds are churning 24/7/365. We’ve got a lot of opinions and experiences that we would like to share, and this will be the best way to do it. So keep an eye out in the future as we plan to publish interviews, trip reports, and general discussions of the Archviz and CG industry.


Some are paler than others, but being a pale person is more of a state of mind than a description of your pastiness. Our friend Eric de Broche is the origin of our tagline – from his incredibly apt video that was presented at the first d2 Vienna in 2014.

Let’s do this!


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